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Luc R. Gaudreau

Professeur, Faculté des sciences


Sujet de recherche

Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms, Cell, Chromosome (Living Organisms), Gene (Living Organisms), Genotype and Phenotype

Disciplines de recherche

Genetics, Molecular Biology


Activator, Cancer, Chromatin remodeling, Coactivator, Gene expression, H2A.Z, Molecular biology, RNA polymerase, Transcription, Yeast

Intérêts de recherche

Mechanisms of gene activation and chromatin remodeling.

Centre de recherche


Langues parlées et écrites

Anglais, Français


(1998). (Post-doctorate, Postdoctorate). Cornell University.

(1997). (Post-doctorate, Postdoctorate). Harvard University.

(1993). (Doctorate, Doctorate). Université de Sherbrooke.

(1989). (Bachelor's, Bachelor's). Université de Moncton.


Articles de revue

  • Lashgari, A., Millau, J.-F., Jacques, P.-É., and Gaudreau, L. (2105). Global inhibition of transcription causes histone H2A.Z to be incorporated within gene bodies. Epigenetics and Chromatin (Submitted).
  • Millau, J.-F., Wijchers, P., and Gaudreau, L. (2015). Rapid remodeliing of chromatin loops modulate the p53-driven stress response. Nucleic Acids Research (Submitted).
  • Guillemette, B., Larochelle, M., and Gaudreau, L. (2014). Deletion of H2A.Z causes bimodal and cell-cycle dependant expression of GAL1. PLoS ONE (Revision Requested).
  • L'Héritier F, Marques M, Fauteux M, Gaudreau L. (2014). Defining Molecular Sensors to Assess Long-Term Effects of Pesticides on Carcinogenesis. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 15 17148-17161. (Published).
  • Jean-François Millau, Patrick Witchers, and Luc Gaudreau. (2014). Intragenic cohesin sites couple transcription elongation and DNA interactions remodeling. Molecular Cell no yet published not yet published. (Submitted).
  • Marques M, Laflamme L, Benassou I, Cissokho C, Guillemette B, Gaudreau L. (2014). Low levels of 3,3’-diindolylmethane activates estrogen receptor α and induces proliferation of MCF7 cells in the absence of estradiol. BMC Cancer 14 524-533. (Published).
  • Marques, M., Laflamme, L., and GAUDREAU, L. (2013). Estrogen receptor α can selectively repress dioxin receptor-mediated gene expression by targeting DNA methylation. Nucleic Acids Research 17 8094-8106. (Published).
  • Millau, JF and Gaudreau L. (2011). CTCF, cohesin, and histone variants: connecting the genome. Biochemistry and Cell Biology (Published).
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  • Gervais, A., Marques, M., and GAUDREAU, L. (2011). PCRTiler: automated design of tiled and specific PCR primer pairs. Nucleic Acids Research 38 W303-W312. (Published).
  • Gervais AL , Marques M , Gaudreau L. (2010). PCRTiler: automated design of tiled and specific PCR primer pairs. Nucleic acids research 38 (Web issue), 1-9. (Published).
  • Altaf, M., Auger, A., Brodeur, J., Laflamme, L. GAUDREAU, L., and Côté, J. (2010). Role of NuA4-dependent acetylation in histone H2A exchange by the SWR1 complex. Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 15966-15977. (Published).
  • Svotelis, A., Gévry, N., Grondin, G., and GAUDREAU, L. (2010). H2A.Z overexpression promotes cellular proliferation of breast cancer cells. Cell Cycle 9 364-370. (Published).
  • Marques M , Laflamme L , Gervais AL , Gaudreau L. (2010). Reconciling the positive and negative roles of histone H2A.Z in gene transcription. Epigenetics : official journal of the DNA Methylation Society 5 (4), 267-272. (Published).


  • Guillemette, B. and Gaudreau, L. (2015). Methods in Molecular Biology Histones: Methods and Protocols. Wiley. (Revision Requested).

Chapitres de livre

  • Jean-Francois Millau and Luc Gaudreau. (2015). Detection of short range DNA interactions in mammalian cells using high resolution circular chromosome conformation. DNA-Protein Interactions (245-260). Springer. (Published).

Articles de conférence

  • Benoît Guillemette, Jean-François Millau, Lindsay Phillips, Joannie Connell, Kathy Doyon, Jean-François Lussier and Luc Gaudreau. (2015). A novel screening method reveals a collection of synthetic histone H3N-terminal tails with different levels of function in DNA-related transactions. Chromatin and Epigenetic Regulation of Transcription. (Published).
  • Joannie Connell, Benoît Guillemette and Luc Gaudreau. (2015). Histone Variant H2A.Z Contribute to Mitochondrial Genome Stability. Chromatin and Epigenetic Regulation of Transcription. (Published).

Autres contributions


  • (2013). Effect of pesticides on breast cancer development. Matin du nord- Ici Radio Canada Premieres. Winnipeg
  • (2013). Effect of pesticides on breast cancer development. Quebec AM - CBC Radio. Quebec
  • (2013). Why is pollution bad for you? The case of dioxin and esteogen receptor signaling,. Invited conference, Moncton University. Moncton
  • (2012). Why is pollution bad for you? The case of dioxin and esteogen receptor signaling,. Invited conference, UBC. Vancouver