Faced with the rapid growth of various innovative projects that are the subject of partnerships with the Université de Sherbrooke, the Spotlight on Partners series gives the floor to six partners who share their experience alongside the Business Partnership Group. Watch the impact the group had in the realization of their project!

1QBit : Being Welcomed into an Innovative Community

Sherbrooke has so much to offer that 1QBit, a world leader in quantum, has decided to settle there! In the video, Dominic Marchand, Director of Research and Partnerships at 1QBit, shares his arrival experience in a most innovative ecosystem as well as the impact of collaborating with people from the world-renowned field on the company.

FADOQ : When Research Meets Needs

In this video, Martine Grégoire, Executive Director in Eastern Townships region of the largest organization for seniors in Canada, FADOQ, tells how the expertise of University researchers has propelled their research project, which was carried out in co-creation with seniors! The collaboration made it possible to create a support guide for seniors during their transition from home, making it possible to meet an important need to properly equip FADOQ members.

Verbom : University-Generated Innovation, a Key for SMEs

A leader in sheet metal processing, Verbom is a longstanding partner with Université de Sherbrooke. In this video, Nicolas Bombardier, Research and Development Director at Verbom, explains the substantial impact that this fruitful collaboration allows on the research and development of the company through its various projects!

RMJQ : When Allies Allow to Know Yourself Better

It was alongside the Business Partnership Group and researchers from the University that the Regroupement des maisons des jeunes du Québec (RMJQ) has undertaken a regional social research project. In the video, Nicholas Legault, General Manager, and Caroline Forget-Galipeau, Assistant Director at RMJQ, share the road they took in setting up the La Grande Tournée project!

Inversago Pharma : Access to Valuable Technology

In this video, François Ravenelle, CEO and Founder of the pre-clinical biotech company Inversago, describes the various reasons that prompted the company to become a partner with Université de Sherbrooke. Among other things, this collaboration has allowed privileged access to the cyclotron, a cutting-edge technology located on the Health Campus, in the development of its medical research project on obesity!

Challenge 400 : Upgrading Your Team to Make a Dream Come True

It is with ambition that Gilles Gagné's Challenge 400 team is working with the GPA to achieve his dream. Find out how this partnership enabled RM Stator, supplier of the project's electrical parts, to develop an advanced E-Boost technology prototype with the expertise of research professionals from the University. This technology will be tested on a unique tracked vehicle during the next competition on the Bonneville track!

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