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Welcome to the world of nanotechnology. Discover an entire platform dedicated to the study of molecular or atomic objects, i.e. the infinitely small. 

The nanotechnology platform (3IT.Nano) is designed for the management of industry-led projects and offers unique possibilities ranging from research laboratory activities to the development of innovative products. To achieve this, our platform benefits from versatile equipment at the cutting edge of technology. 

This infrastructure allows epitaxial growth of materials, micro-nanofabrication of devices and circuits, characterization (mechanical, electrical, optical, microfluidic, biological) and the packaging of microsystems. 

The platform in short:

  • Largest clean room laboratory in Quebec; 
  • 1600 m² nanofabrication and characterization research facility, including 430 m² of class 100 clean room spaces; 
  • One of five nanotechnology labs in Canada selected by CMC to serve Canadian microsystems researchers through FACT services for micro-nano R&D.  

Processes and Equipment

Discover in the video the different equipment of the nanotechnology platform which allow to realize various chemical, biological, thermal, plasma etching, backend, characterization, lithography processes, etc. 

Platform's Expertise

Here is an overview of the nanotechnology know-how developed by a stable and permanent team of technicians and professionals recruited and trained over the last 20 years:   

  • Nanodamascene process  
  • QSR-5 electron beam resistance  
  • Multiple junction solar cells  
  • High power/frequency GaN process  
  • New thermal micromotors  

The platform has become a key infrastructure for national and international research and innovation networks. 

Access conditions

The 3IT.Nano platform is accessible to external users, both academic and industrial, as well as to all students and research professors at the Université de Sherbrooke. Our scientific and technical team is also available to carry out services.

Contact us for practical access to our platform or to be in touch with a professional in your field of expertise.

Price list

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