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Heratherm OMH (Oven with Mechanical convection) Advanced Protocol mechanical convection ovens have the following features:

  • high-precision workspace control, adjustable in steps from 1ºC up to 330ºC;
  • accelerated heating to quickly warm an empty and cold oven;
  • a speed-adjustable fan to ensure temperature uniformity from the control panel;
  • an electric valve, intended for the ventilation of the workspace, adjustable from the control panel;
  • Countdown, fixed-time and weekly timers provide timed control of the process;
  • four mesh shelves;
  • Conduit passage for pipes, probe heads, etc. ;
  • User program support, ensuring automated control of the process.


Room dimensions


60.8 cm


46.4 cm


34.3 cm
Capacity97 litre3

Operating temperature range

50 à 330 °C  

The deviation between the actual temperature and the set value of 150 °C, in space.

±1.3 °C

The deviation between the actual temperature and the set value of 150 °C, over time.

±0.2 °C

Heating time (empty workspace, from 25 °C up to 98% of the 150 °C set value).

16 min

Recovery time (empty workspace, door open for 30 seconds, up to set temperature).

4 min

Warm-up time (at a set temperature of 300°C) with accelerated heating functionality.

25 min

Maximum number of programs that can be recorded / Number of steps per program

10 / 10

Number of fan speeds


Number of mesh shelves


Loading capacity of a mesh shelf

25 kg