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Ryan Gosselin

Professeur, Faculté de génie
FAC. GÉNIE Chimique et biotechnologique


Sujet de recherche

Chemical Processes, Data mining, Imagery, Mechanical and Physical Processes, Quality Control

Disciplines de recherche

Chemical Engineering


Chemometrics, Hyperspectral Imaging, Image Analysis, Multivariate Data, Process Analytical Tech, Process Monitoring, Quality by Design, Quality Control, Spectroscopy

Langues parlées et écrites

Anglais, Français, Espagnol (castillan)


(2010). On-line Quality Control in Processing Using Hyperspectral Imaging (Doctorate, Chemical Engineering). Université Laval.

(2005). Injection of Post-Consumption Foamed Wood/Plastic Composites (Injection de Mousses Composites Bois/Plastique d'Origine Post-Consommation) (Master's Thesis, Chemical Engineering - Masters). Université Laval.

(2003). (Bachelor's, Chemical Engineering). Université Laval.

Prix et distinctions

  • (2014) Prix Bazinet. Université de Sherbrooke. (Distinction).


Articles de revue

  • Palmero-Durao P. Abatzoglou N., Guay J.M. and Gosselin R. (2015). Monitoringthe Concentration of Flowing Pharmaceutical Powders in a Tableting Feed Frame. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology (Accepted).
  • Chaib O, Abatzoglou N. and Gosselin R. (2015). Applicationof NIR Spectroscopy in Linking Velocity Profiles of a Binary Granular System. European Pharmaceutical Review (20), 7-12. (Published).
  • Ketsia Yekpe, Nicolas Abatzoglou, Bernard Bataille, Ryan Gosselin, Tahmer Sharkawi, Jean-Sébastien Simard, Antoine Cournoyer. (2015). Predicting the dissolution behavior of pharmaceutical tablets with NIRchemical imaging. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (486), 242–251. (Published).
  • Nicolas Abatzoglou, Eddy Castellanos Gil, Ryan Gosselin. (2014). Influence of Hopper Geometry on Radial and Axial ConcentrationProfiles in Flows of Segregated and Homogenized Granular Mixtures. Powder Technology (262), 42-50. (Published).
  • Gosselin R., Abatzoglou N., Quinn P., Salvas J. and Simard J.S. (2014). Novel methodologiesfor determining the mineral content of complex multivitamin tablets. European Pharmaceutical Review 19 (4), 62-68. (Published).
  • Abatzoglou N., Gosselin R., Inam, M.A. (2013). Rheological Characterization and Empirical Modelling of Non-AcqueousNano-Suspensions of Iron Carbide Produced by Plasma Spray. Chemical Engineering Journal 92 (1), 68-74. (Published).
  • Guay J.M., Lapointe-Garant P.P., Gosselin R., Simard J.S. and Abatzoglou N. (2013). Development of a multivariate light-induced fluorescence (LIF) PAT toolfor in-line quantitative analysis of pharmaceutical powders. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 86 (3), 524-531. (Published).
  • Abatzoglou N., Castellanos Gil E. and Gosselin R. (2013). The use of NIR Spectroscopy to evaluate the influence of hopper geometryon radial and axial concentration profiles in flowing granular mixtures. European Pharmaceutical Review (18), 33-38. (Published).
  • Eddy Castellanos Gil, Ryan Gosselin, Nicolas Abatzoglou. (2012). A NIRS Methodology to Measure Radial and Axial Concentration Profiles inFlowing Powder Mixtures. Powder Technology (224), 223-232. (Published).
  • Gosselin R., Lacombe M.O. and Abatzoglou N. (2012). Determining Bulk Powder Particle Size through Texture Analysis. American Pharmaceutical Review (1), 1-6. (Accepted).
  • Demers Anne-Marie, Gosselin Ryan, Simard Jean-Sébastien, Abatzoglou Nicolas. (2012). In-line near infrared spectroscopy monitoring of pharmaceutical powder moisture in a fluidised bed dryer: an efficient mehtodology for chemometric model development. Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 90 299-303. (Published).
  • A. Ziadi, X. Maldague, L. Saucier, C. Duchesne, R. Gosselin. (2011). Visible and Near-Infrared Light Transmission: a Hybrid Imaging Methodfor Non-destructive Meat Quality Evaluation. Infrared Physics & Technology (55), 412-420. (Published).
  • Gosselin R, Rodrigue D, Duchesne C. (2011). A hyperspectral imaging sensor for on-line quality control of extruded polymer composite products. Computers and Chemical Engineering 35 296-306. (Published).
  • Salvas Joanny, Simard Jean-Sébastien, Gosselin Ryan and Abatzoglou Nicolas. (2011). Calibration ofMultivariate Predictive Models: The Study of Factors Influencing the PredictionAccuracy of Raman Spectroscopy Applied to Pharmaceutical Tablets. American Pharmaceutical Review (1), 36-43. (Published).
  • Ryan Gosselin, Denis Rodrigue, Carl Duchesne. (2010). A Hyperspectral Imaging Sensor for On-line Quality Control of ExtrudedPolymer Composite Products. Computers & Chemical Engineering (35), 296-306. (Published).
  • Ryan Gosselin, Denis Rodrigue, Carl Duchesne. (2009). A Bootstrap-VIP Approach for Selecting Wavelength Intervals in Spectral ImagingApplications. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems (100), 12-21. (Published).
  • Ryan Gosselin, Denis Rodrigue, Ruben Gonzalez-Nunez, Carl Duchesne. (2009). Potential of Hyperspectral Imaging for Quality Control of Polymer BlendFilms. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (48), 3033-3042. (Published).

Autres contributions

Gestion d'évènements

  • Chair. Colloquium on Recent Developments in Quality Control. (Conference).

Activités de collaboration internationale

  • Collaborator. The development process analytical technologies to complete quality by design (QbD) work in pharmaceutical processes. This work was carried out with B. Bataille at the Charles Gerhardt Institute in Montpellier. This collaboration has led to a PhD project and 2 papers published in international journals.


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