Enhancement of emission/efficiency of colored centers collection in diamond by nano-plasmon antennas

Project supported through IQ 2018 Call for projects

Project Summary:

Nitrogen-vacancy color centers in diamond, so-called NV centers, are of intense interest in quantum sciences as they can be used as room temperature sources of singles photons in quantum computing and quantum sensing. However, the level of emitted light by NV centers is very low and methods of solving this problem are the focus of intense research worldwide. This project proposes to develop “nano- antennae” that, when positioned in close proximity to the NV centers, will considerably improve their efficiency. In particular, this novel technology based on nanoplasmonics and integrated photonics, will lead to the development of high performance magnetic field sensors that outperform existing systems.

PIs: Paul Charette

Internal Collaborators : Denis Morris, Michel Pioro-Ladrière

External Collaborators : Michael Canva (MC, UMI/LN2)

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