Design and fabrication of a benchtop continuous flow liquid helium cryostat, with high frequency cryogenic probing arms, for the test and characterisation of quantum devices

Project supported through IQ 2018 Call for projects

Project Summary:

The measurement of quantum devices at cryogenic temperature is a time consuming activity demanding complex measurement setups. This project aims to build a system that will simplify and speed up experiments made at the Quantum Institute in the field of quantum devices and circuits. The proposed system will be built on the principle of a continuous flow liquid helium cryostat, and will be able to cool samples down to 1.3 Kelvin. It will provide an extensive cold work surface, easily accessible for the mounting of test circuits. A cryogenic probing system will provide capability for direct measurement of samples, without soldering or wire-bounding, at frequency up to 40 GHz. This project will be carried out by the technical team of the Quantum Institute and physical department in collaboration with the Canada Research Chair in Quantum Microwave Radiation.

PI: Gabriel Laliberté

Collaborators : Bertrand Reulet, Atelier mécanique du département de physique, Techniciens en physique du département de physique, Professionnels de l’IQ

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