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Alexandre Blais

Scientific Director

Département de physique,

Faculté des sciences

Phone : 819-821-8000, poste 65250

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Research Subjects

Theory of light-matter interactions in superconducting quantum circuits, quantum optics at microwave frequencies, quantum computing with superconducting quantum circuits

Research Interests

My expertise is centered on the theory of superconducting quantum circuits and specifically on quantum information processing and quantum optics in such circuits. This includes circuit quantum electrodynamics, superconducting qubit readout, amplification at the quantum limit, the generation and novel use of squeezed microwave radiation, high-fidelity quantum logical gates and single microwave-photon detection


Quantum information, superconducting qubits, circuit quantum electrodynamics, quantum optics, quantum-limited amplification, quantum noise, squeezing, mesoscopic physics

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