Promising Projects

As a result of a reflection and a process to bring its members together, the Institut quantique (IQ) is embracing a new vision for the future with its promising projects, which break down the barriers between researchers and mobilize the expertise of the entire community, with the purpose of achieving major scientific spin-offs.

“We have now passed the mid-term milestone of the Apogee grant program. This review stage was an invitation to ensure that our research directions and projects remain relevant in a fast-paced scientific field. Our scientists were asked to imagine the future to shape the content of their research projects. Although the way in which projects were selected was different, the criteria remained the same: to create unifying projects with new and ambitious ideas that explore the possibilities of multi-faculty collaborations. The next phase of the project promises to be exciting,” says Alexandre Blais, IQ’s Scientific Director.

“The process that led to the selection of these projects was challenging and our entire community took the exercise very seriously. We called on the services of the Accélérateur Entrepreneurial Desjardins (AED) to help us think outside the box and ensure that everyone’s voice was heard. This is a very stimulating period from a scientific point of view,” says Michel Pioro-Ladrière, Deputy Director of IQ.

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