Quantum FabLab


The Quantum FabLab (QFL) is an open space for ideation that stimulates interdisciplinary collaboration. It was designed to accommodate several users simultaneously working on various projects. It represents a shared platform for experimental research in quantum physics and engineering, taking advantage of the IQ’s unique expertise in characterizing quantum materials and devices. The QFL takes the form of a quantum testbed equipped with state-of-the-art research tools capable of probing devices at the interface of materials and computation, complemented by a complete mechanical workshop for the fabrication of high-precision custom parts.

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  • To increase the research capacity of IQ members through access to state-of-the-art equipment and its collaborative aspect, which allows for the optimization of operating time as well as the conceptualization and fabrication of custom parts
  • To enable the emerging quantum ecosystem in Quebec and Canada to have access to quantum infrastructures
  • To contribute to the training of students (undergraduate and graduate)


To learn more about how the Quantum FabLab works and its policies:

QFL Policies (French only)

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To access the Quantum FabLab, please contact the coordination.

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