Large capacity cryogen-free dilution refrigerator – XLD

ModelXLD400 - SL (side loader)
Internal designationXLD
Technical resource(s)Michael Lacerte
Bobby Rivard
Types of analysis
Electrical measurements at very low temperatures.
Quantitative, semi-quantitative, qualitative
Sample size (mm)
min: -
max: diameter 52 cm x 44 cm height
Temperature (K)min: 10 mK
max: 1.5 K
Magnetic field (T)min: -
max: -
Measurements: DC or microwave?DC and microwave measurements
Time required to cool the sample downApproximately 24 h
Specific featuresCryogen-free equipment - liquid helium not used
Six side access ports
Cooling power: 500 μW at 100 mK and 15 μW at 20 mK
25 high frequency lines (18 GHz, with 8 40 GHz lines) and 168 DC electrical lines
What makes it unique?Possibility to easily switch between experiments with the 6 side access ports.
Several users can carry out their experiments simultaneously.

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