Cryogenic probe station

ManufacturerLake Shore Cryotronics
Internal designationProbe station
Technical resource(s)Bobby Rivard
Stéphane Morin
Types of analysisElectrical measurements (resistance, Hall effect, etc.).
Quantitative, semi-quantitative, qualitative Quantitative
Sample size (mm)
min: -
max: approximate diameter of 25 mm
Temperature (K)min: 2 K
max: 400 K
Magnetic field (T)min: - 3 T
max: 3 T
Measurements: DC or microwave?DC and microwave measurements
Time required to cool the sample down2 h
Specific featuresEquipement functional at cryogenic (liquid helium usage) and non-cryogenic temperatures
6 low frequency probes available (DC - 100 MHz) - 10 μm DC probes (other sizes available)
High frequency measurements possible: 4 probes can be converted to high frequency probes (up to 40 GHz)
Can be used with a B1500A semiconductor device analyzer (Keysight) including 4 SMU, a waveform generator, a pulse generator and a CMU

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