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Develop your expertise in quantum computing today

Quantum computing’s potential to solve complex problems opens up new avenues for research and technological applications.

The Quantum Algorithm Lab or AlgoLab is located in the heart of a burgeoning quantum ecosystem with the Integrated Innovation Chain and the Quantum Innovation Zone in Sherbrooke. The Quantum AlgoLab has a unique expertise in Quebec to help explore the potential of quantum computing in several fields. The team works with companies, universities and government agencies on collaborative research projects in quantum optimization and quantum machine learning.

The Quantum AlgoLab also offers training opportunities for companies and educational institutions who wish to learn more about quantum computing and its applications.

A world-class research tool

The Quantum AlgoLab has exclusive cloud access to today’s most powerful systems through the IBM Quantum Network. Our users can run their programs to explore the possibilities of quantum computing. Depending on the agreement and projects, our partners can benefit from the support of our quantum programming team and maximize the scope of their research.

A unique community of experts

Beyond technology, there is talent. The Quantum AlgoLab is an opportunity to be part of a unique multidisciplinary scientific community and to have access to Institut quantique members’ quantum expertise. It is also a chance to expand your network through events related to quantum science and technology.

Up-to-date training in quantum

Our partners can collaborate in working groups and exchange best practices. They also have access to unique workshops in quantum programming, quantum optimization and quantum machine learning. Click here to view our quantum computing workshop offerings.  


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