Variable temperature liquid helium refrigerator – VTI

ManufacturerJanis Research Company (Lake Shore cryotonics)
Internal designationVTI
Technical resource(s)Christian Lupien
Michael Lacerte
Types of analysisElectrical measurements over a wide range of temperatures and magnetic fields.
Quantitative, semi-quantitative, qualitative Quantitative
Sample size (mm)
min: -
max: up to 80 mm of diameter
Temperature (K)min: 1.4 K
max: 300 K
Magnetic field (T)min: - 8 T
max: 8 T
Measurements: DC or microwave?DC and microwave measurements
Time required to cool the sample downApproximately 40 mn (system already cold) - sample warm up in 1 h 30
Specific featuresLiquid helium usage
2 high frequency AC lines (40 GHz) and up to 24 DC electrical lines
4-channel SMU (Keysight)
What makes it unique?The sample space at the heart of the superconducting magnet is larger than the one in a conventional cryostat.

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