Cryogenic optical microspectroscopy installations – Optical table

ModelHoriba HR320 spectrometer, Horiba Symphony CCD camera, PicoQuant TCSPC Multiharp system,
APD Photon Device, Taiko 530.8 nm Laser, Janis ST-500 continuous circulation helium cryostat.
Attocube XYZ ESP series Positioner.
ManufacturerHoriba - PicoQuant - Photon Device - Janis - Attocube
Internal designationOptical table
Technical resource(s)Gabriel Laliberté
Types of analysis
Micro-luminescence, photoluminescence lifetime measurements, single photon detection by time
correlation measurement, photoconductivity, photo-emission, various optical characterizations.
Quantitative, semi-quantitative, qualitative
Sample size (mm)
min: 0.5 mm²
max: 25 mm x 25 mm
Temperature (K)min: 3.8 K
max: 300 K
Magnetic field (T)min: -
max: -
Measurements: DC or microwave?DC and microwave excitations
Time required to cool the sample down30 mn
Specific featuresEquipement functional at cryogenic (liquid helium usage) and non-cryogenic temperatures
Several laser excitation sources available: from 266 nm to 1055 nm
Different detectors covering the visible and near infrared range: Ge and InSb cryo detectors
Photomultiplier Tube
Avalanche diodes
What makes it unique?Photoluminescence mapping system with Attocube positioner.

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