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Serge Charlebois

Département de génie électrique et de génie informatique,

Faculté de génie

Phone : 62621, poste 62621

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Research subjects

3D superconductor microsystem integration, radiation instrumentation, large area cryogenic applications

Research interests

Advanced micro and nanofabrication techniques enabling innovative microsystems and semiconductor/superconductor components, single photon counting modules by 3D integration, ultrafast single photon avalanche diode (SPAD, <10ps), 3D integration of superconductor systems, study of integration and performances of organic isolated TSV in CMOS, superconducting substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW), Josephson devices by nanodamascene


Semiconductor devices, single photon avalanche diode – SPAD, superconducting devices, quantum hall effect, micro and nanofabrication, 3D integration for microelectronics

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