CAT-IQ-US: Resource efficient quantum computation using unique spins and superconducting circuits

Project supported through IQ 2018 Call for projects

Project Summary:

Most quantum computing approaches will require a tremendous amount of physical resources in order to

implement even a single qubit. Our proposed strategy relies on the development of a hardware-efficient approach to quantum computer using a high-risk high-reward architecture based on slightly non-linear oscillators. Achieving this goal requires a wide range of expertise in quantum science to the physics of solid- state qubits and the experimental expertise in fabrication and testing of quantum solid-state devices that we all have at Institut Quantique (IQ). This project catalyses current research activities at IQ in resource-efficient quantum computation, while exploring an innovative approach: the use of single spins as efficient quantum resources. The project will set in place crucial building blocks necessary to build a qubit whose lifetime exceeds by far those of its physical constituents, a crucial step for the advent of fault-tolerant quantum computing. This approach will position IQ strategically on the global stage.

PIs: Alexandre Blais, Yves Bérubé-Lauzière, Éva Dupont-Ferrier, Clément Godfrin, Max Hofheinz, Dany Lachance-Quirion et Michel Pioro-Ladrière

Internal Collaborators  : Serge Charlebois, Réjean Fontaine et David Poulin

External Collaborators : Michel Devoret (Université Yale)

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