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Pr Roberto Chica, Université d'Ottawa - ce 28 novembre au PRAC - à 11h15 - salle Z8-1049-1050

Engineering the stability, conformation and specificity of proteins using multistate computational protein design

Pr Roberto Chica, Université d'Ottawa

Protein engineering and design have yielded many successes, yet the identification of protein sequences that will display the desired properties remains a formidable challenge due to the vastness of sequence space that one must sample to identify beneficial mutations. To help overcome the inherent difficulties of protein engineering, computational protein design (CPD) algorithms have been developed.

Pour en apprendre plus, vous êtes invités à venir écouter Dr Chica sur ce sujet des plus intéressants ce 28 novembre à 11h15 au PRAC - salle 1049-1050