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Testing Equipments

The CRASH-UdeS facilities includes a collection of equipments allowing to perform a large number of experiments.

To help you in the handling of this type of equipment, a series of videos (in French), produced by the CRASH-UdeS, propose some reminders about the use of certain laboratory equipment.

  • Dimensions: 36" x 36" x 23", approximately 0.5m3. Data sheet.
  • Basin equipped with aluminum frames and a mounting plate, allowing the integration of various devices, even a collaborative robotic arm.

  • Square array of 96 loudspeakers designed by Sonic Emotion, for WFS reproduction.
  • Spherical array of 50 loudspeakers, designed at CRASH-UdeS, for ambisonics reproduction.

Portable system:


Large set of sensors/actuators, for mechanical tests:

  • Accelerometers
  • Acoustic sources
  • Contact and immersion transducers (0.5 to 20 MHz)
  • Force sensors
  • Hot wire anemometer
  • Mechanical exciters
  • Microphones
  • Scanivalves
  • Ultrasonic detection probe
  • Ultrasound probe

and others.

  • Micropress
  • Micropunching machine
  • Thermoforming machine
  • Twin screw extruder

  • Verasonics Vantage 128 model.
  • 2D and 3D ATL probes.
  • Ultrasonic phantom, multipurpose and multi-fabric, 040GSE from CIRS.

Polytec PSV-500-3D model, on a robotic stand.