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Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities

Université de Sherbrooke ranks among the best research universities in the country

Sherbrooke, le 25 janvier 2022 – A true strategic powerhouse in research, the Université de Sherbrooke (UdeS) continues to stand out among Canada’s top research universities. In addition to reinforcing its position among the top 15 Canadian universities in terms of research revenue for a third consecutive year, UdeS once again ranked first in terms of research revenue growth in 2021.

These outstanding results are from the latest annual list of Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities. Like last year, UdeS again ranked 14th. Research Infosource, the organization that issues the rankings, has also released its 20-Year University Spotlights highlighting the remarkable trajectory of UdeS and its unique research ecosystem.

Over two decades, UdeS posted the largest growth in research revenue and the largest increase in research revenue from non-profit organizations.

Research income is the money that a university receives to support its research activities and includes fellowships, research grants, and contracts awarded by private companies, government bodies, or non-profits.

Professor Jean-Pierre Perreault, Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies, showed tremendous pride at the incredible success of UdeS research: “Not only did we maintain our 14th-place ranking in the Top 50 list for a second year in a row, we are also at the head of the pack in terms of research revenue growth for the second time in four years. This accomplishment shows the relevance and scope of our research teams’ work to respond to the major societal issues of today and tomorrow.”

According to the 20-Year University Spotlights, UdeS ranks 2nd in terms of growth in corporate research revenue and 4th in terms of growth in cross-sector publications. These results attest to the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of UdeS research, which further stands out through its partnership approach.

Partnership research: a driver of change

Thanks to a strong partnership culture grown over 50 years of co-op internships at companies, UdeS has mastered the art of creating outstanding projects that make a great impact with its partners. Thanks to this experience, along with the support of its business partnership group, UdeS has established a unique partnership research ecosystem based on true synergy between the university research community and its counterparts at non-academic organizations.

“Partnership research is a driver of change that generates innovation for organizations of all types, from NPOs and SMEs to municipalities and large corporations,” explained UdeS Rector Pierre Cossette. “Getting our researchers involved in developing solutions to societal issues is part of our DNA.”

A truly dynamic and unparalleled powerhouse, UdeS research is propelled by the expertise of an engaged and passionate research community of specialists, research professionals and students who are pushing disciplinary boundaries and transforming the world.

Facts about UdeS research

UdeS ranking highlights

Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities

  • Ranked 14th overall out of 50 
  • Ranked 1st for research revenue growth

20-Year Spotlights

  • Ranked 1st for total research revenue growth over 20 years
  • Ranked 1st for growth in research revenue from non-profit organizations over 20 years
  • Ranked 2nd for growth in corporate research revenue over 20 years
  • Ranked 4th for growth in intersectoral publications over 20 year

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Isabelle Huard, Media Relations Officer
Communications Department | Université de Sherbrooke | 819-821-8000, ext. 63395

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