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The Ombudsman team is here to assist you

Are you experiencing a disagreement in the management of your student records? Have you attempted to find a resolution through informal channels or university resources to no avail?

The Student Ombudsman team ensures that decisions rendered by the university administration, in the context of students case management, are respectful, transparent, reasonable, impartial and non-discriminatory and comply with procedural fairness standards.

The team is available to assist the student community, staff, faculties and academic authorities in resolving disputes by relying on policies, regulations, procedures, and the University’s Student's rights declaration.

Do not hesitate to reach out to them!

Who is the ombudsman?

Get to know:

  • Function
  • Role
  • Range of action
  • Powers of recommendation
  • Imputability

Contact the ombudsman

It can be difficult to know when to consult the Ombudsman for students.

Here is how to navigate!


Find references and various tools to help better manage disagreements.

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Did you know?

  • Staff members may also consult the Ombudsman for students for information and advice on fairness, student rights and responsibilities.
  • The Ombudsman team always acts with the utmost discretion to resolve a situation revealed to them and demands the confidentiality of people who, in one capacity or another, are involved in the resolution of the situation.
  • The ombudsman team offers a resolution process that gives all parties an opportunity to be heard.