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Word from the Director

Welcome to the website of the Technology and Process Research Group of the University of Sherbrooke (GRTP).

Our research group works on the development and investigation of technologies and process intensification in the areas of:

  • thermochemical and catalytic conversion
  • pharmaceutical production
  • plasma use

Although the main focus is on the use of renewable resources for the production of energy and techno-economically sustainable materials, the process engineering knowledge derived is more broadly applicable to the entire field of process engineering.
Recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of this effort, we propose a working methodology that combines paradigms from both the academic and industrial research communities in this area. Thus, fundamental research, such as the development of heterogeneous catalysts through the mechanistic understanding of surface phenomena and the geometric location of the three-phase intersection, and applied research, such as the development of scalable conversion processes, are conducted in parallel. This produces high quality deliverables, while preserving and promoting the academic character and mandate of our engineering profession which imperatively includes the production of concrete solutions.

The successes of our group are proof of the effectiveness of the proposed methodology. It provides our HQP with a working environment that allows them to enrich their academic profile without sacrificing their professional development as future industrial engineers.

Prof. Nicolas Abatzoglou, ing.

Director of the GRTP