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Cybersecurity for Non-Francophones

New pathway - Admission in progress - September 2023

This new pathway in cybersecurity for non-French speakers is a complete reworking of the Master's in Computer Science pathway in cybersecurity.

It offers the first pedagogical activities of the program in English and develops a pathway that includes complementary schooling in French as a second language.

This pathway will allow you to:

  • Master the ins and outs of computer security and its management
  • Deepen your knowledge of the attack surfaces exposed and the effective strategies for protecting and defending an IT infrastructure
  • Critique such a strategy, as implemented in an organization
  • Master the nature, pace and tools of cyber attacks
  • Develop and execute a security incident response plan

At the end of this training, you will be trained in cybersecurity and be adequately prepared to integrate a French-speaking work environment.

Propel your career in cybersecurity

  • Benefits: Offered remotely, evenings, full or part-time
  • Admission session: Fall and Winter

The Cybersecurity Pathway for non-French speakers consists of 9 credits of elective educational activities common to the course-type pathways, 27 credits of required educational activities specific to the Cybersecurity pathway, and 9 credits of elective educational activities from the Cybersecurity pathway.

You can choose from the following:

You can choose from the following:

The pathway also includes additional activities in French as a second language: 2 mandatory credits in French as a second language: FRE702 Français de l’informatique. This required activity is not part of the program credits and must be successfully completed by the end of the first year of training.

Upgrading activities in French as a second language that are not part of the program credits will also be required, depending on the results of the placement test taken upon admission to the program. These courses will be offered by the University of Sherbrooke's Language Centre.

Admission requirements

A test or interview may be required to validate basic knowledge of cybersecurity. A propaedeutic may be required to fill in the gaps.

A placement test of French language proficiency will be conducted by the UdeS Language Center following admission. This placement test will determine the content of the French second language upgrading activities that will be required. French second language upgrading activities are not part of the program credits. In order to enroll in the activities offered in French as part of this pathway, a person who has not demonstrated attainment of the corresponding levels on the admission test will first have to successfully complete the determined pedagogical activities. The pedagogical activities may be offered in person, at a distance, or intensively, at the Longueuil Campus or at the Main Campus.

Individuals whose results demonstrate that they have already achieved these four levels will be transferred to the cybersecurity existing pathway.

How to apply in 2 easy steps

1- Complete your application

2- Submit documents and keep in touch

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