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Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities

Université de Sherbrooke among the country’s most influential in research

Sherbrooke, le 25 janvier 2023 – For a 4th year in a row, the Université de Sherbrooke (UdeS) has made it into Canada’s top 15 research universities, an unmistakable sign of its sustained growth.

Announced on January 18 by Research Infosource, these results are based on research revenues earned in 2020-2021. UdeS garnered $207.3 million during this period, an increase over the previous year.

Research income is the money that a university receives to support its research activities and includes fellowships, research grants, and contracts awarded by private companies, government bodies, or non-profits.

An increase in research revenue can be a sign that granting bodies trust the institution and consider it a strong ally in advancing innovation and solving social problems.

Treating Lyme disease, developing greener materials, monitoring forests and water bodies, preventing misinformation, diagnosing cancer early, optimizing the power grid, and many other UdeS projects come about from a desire to address specific societal needs.

According to Professor Jean-Pierre Perreault, Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies, this momentum is not about to wane: “For the past 4 years, UdeS has successively maintained its enviable position among Canada’s top 15 research universities. Not only are these results unprecedented for us but they clearly indicate we are on an ascent that will continue thanks to everything we have in place.”

Last year, UdeS showed stellar results in these rankings as it came in at number 1 in a new category of research revenue growth over a 20-year period.

Research partnerships: A solid foundation for continued growth

In addition to being recognized for its concrete research activities in different fields, UdeS stands out through its desire to help organizations innovate, whether they are non-profits, SMEs, municipalities or large corporations. Many custom research projects have stemmed from these partnerships, which have also greatly contributed to UdeS’s enviable spot in the Top 50.

For UdeS Rector Pierre Cossette, this partnership-based structure holds a key advantage: “Our ecosystem easily builds bridges between labs and industry and increases our capacity to generate transferable knowledge that benefits the common good. This quality also helps us secure research funding, which is why we have grown so steadily in recent years. I want to congratulate everyone in our research community who helped us get this result.”

UdeS is pleased to be ranked number 15 in Canada’s Top 50 this year and knows that it will continue to progress in the year ahead.

Research at UdeS:

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