Service of Neurosurgery

The Division of Neurosurgery at the Université de Sherbrooke was founded in 1968 by Dr. Maurice Héon. Since then, the division increasingly expanded and became more diversified. Today, it is a leader in cutting-edge innovations in the province of Quebec

The Division of Neurosurgery at the Université de Sherbrooke has been the second in Canada to offer the Gamma Knife treatment, a unique radiosurgery technology. It is the only Canadian neurological centre to use the blood-brain barrier disruption technique, a unique approach to the treatment of brain tumors. The operating room is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, including the sono-neuro-navigation technique.

The residency training program has a strong reputation and has trained many neurosurgeons who are now practicing everywhere in the provinces of Quebec (Hull, Chicoutimi, Trois-Rivieres, Sherbrooke, Montreal) and New Brunswick (Moncton).

In recent years, our research activities have expanded to include pain research, radiosurgery, and neuro-oncology.

Focusing on teamwork rather than individual effort, the division is continually expanding and intending to take the lead in the development of neurosurgery over the next decades.