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Federico Galli

Professeur adjoint



  • Baccalauréat Chimie Industrielle, Université de Milan, Italie (2010)
  • Master Chimie Industrielle et Gestion, Université de Milan, Italie (2012)
  • Doctorat en Chimie Industrielle, Université de Milan, Italie (2015)
  • Chercheur postdoctoral, École Polytechnique de Montréal (2019-2021)

Domaines d'expertises et de recherche

Catalyse hétérogène, hydrogène et transition énergétique, modèles économiques et environnementales, gas-to-liquids, distillations et équilibre liquide-vapeur.

Activités de recherche

  • Développement de procèdes pour production d'hydrogène à impact environnemental réduit
  • Développement et optimisation de la synthèse de bioplastifiants
  • Développement des réacteurs catalytiques intensifiés

Communications scientifiques

  1. Federico Galli; Jun-Jie Lai; Jacopo De Tommaso; Gianluca Pauletto; Gregory Patience. (2021). Gas to liquids techno economics of associated natural gas, bio gas, and landfill gas. Processes.
  2. Gianluca Pauletto, Paolo Mocellin, Alice Gaillardet, Federico Galli, Gregory S. Patience. (2021). Techno economic analysis of a micro Gas-to-Liquid unit for associated natural gas conversion. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. 150: 111457.
  3. Mohammad Izadpanah Ostad, Mahdi Niknam Shahrak, Federico Galli. (2021). The influence of different synthetic solvents on photocatalytic activity of ZIF-8 for methanol production from CO2. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials.
  4. Marco G Rigamonti, Marc Chavalle, He Li, Philippe Antitomaso, Lida Hadidi, Marta Stucchi, Federico Galli, Hayat Khan, Mickaël Dollé, Daria C Boffito, Gregory S Patience. (2020). LiFePO4 spray drying scale-up and carbon-cage for improved cyclability. Journal of Power Sources. 462: 228103.
  5. D Previtali, M Longhi, F Galli, A Di Michele, F Manenti, M Signoretto, F Menegazzo, C Pirola. (2020). Low pressure conversion of CO2 to methanol over Cu/Zn/Al catalysts. The effect of Mg, Ca and Sr as basic promoters. Fuel. 274: 117804.
  6. Josianne Lefebvre, Federico Galli, Claudia L Bianchi, Gregory S Patience, Daria C Boffito. (2019). Experimental methods in chemical engineering: X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy-XPS. The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering. 97(10): 2588-2593.
  7. Nicolas A. Patience, Federico Galli, Marco G. Rigamonti, Dalma Schieppati, and Daria C. Boffito. (2019). Ultrasonic Intensification To Produce Diester Biolubricants. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 58(19): 7957-7963.
  8. Giuseppina Cerrato, Federico Galli, Daria C Boffito, Lorenza Operti, Claudia L Bianchi. (2019). Correlation preparation parameters/activity for microTiO2 decorated with SilverNPs for NOx photodegradation under LED light. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. 253: 218-225.
  9. Dalma Schieppati Rémi Germon Federico Galli Marco Giulio Rigamonti MartaStucchi Daria Camilla Boffito. (2019). Influence of frequency and amplitude on the mucus viscoelasticity of the novel mechano-acoustic Frequencer™. Respiratory medicine. 153: 52-59.
  10. Gregory S Patience, Federico Galli, Paul A Patience, Daria C Boffito. (2019). Intellectual contributions meriting authorship: Survey results from the top cited authors across all science categories. PLoS One. 14(4): e0198117.
  11. D Schieppati, F Galli, M-L Peyot, V Yargeau, CL Bianchi, DC Boffito. (2019). An ultrasound-assisted photocatalytic treatment to remove an herbicidal pollutant from wastewaters. Ultrasonics sonochemistry. 54: 302-310.
  12. Claudia L Bianchi, Giuseppina Cerrato, Carlo Pirola, Federico Galli, Valentino Capucci. (2019). Photocatalytic porcelain grés large slabs digitally coated with AgNPs-TiO2. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 26(36): 36117-36123.
  13. G Cerrato, CL Bianchi, F Galli, C Pirola, S Morandi, V Capucci. (2019). Micro-TiO2 coated glass surfaces safely abate drugs in surface water. Journal of hazardous materials. 363: 328-334. 

Chapitres de livres 

  1. Federico Galli Nicolas A. Patience Daria C. Boffito. (2018). High-Temperature Conversion of Fats: Cracking, Gasification, Esterification, and Transesterification. Prakash Kumar Sarangi Sonil Nanda Pravakar Mohanty. Recent Advancements in Biofuels and Bioenergy Utilization. : 205-225.
  2. D.Béland S.Lucini C.Neagoe P.Perreault F.Galli G.S.Patience. (2018). Gas and Liquid concentration. Gregory S. Patience. Experimental Methods and Instrumentation for Chemical Engineers. II: 263-292.


  1. Mahdi Sharifian, Federico Galli, Gregory Patience, Bill Timbers. (2021). Risk assessment and safety of a micro-GTL plant. CCEC 2021, Montreal, Canada. Conference Date: 2021/10
  2. Tugce Eran Nazmiye, Federico Galli, Gregory Patience. (2021). The novel catalyst activity in FischerTropsch Process. CCEC 2021, Montreal, Canada. Conference Date: 2021/10