Jean-Michel Lavoie

Ph. D.
Professeur titulaire


Titulaire de la Chaire de recherche industrielle sur les biocombustibles et les bioproduits


  • Post-doc en génie chimique (08/2007-01/2009) Université de Sherbrooke
  • Ph.D. en sciences du bois (2005) Université Laval
  • M.Sc. en sciences du bois (2003) Université Laval
  • B.Sc. en chimie (2001) Université Laval

Domaines d'expertises et de recherche

Biocarburants. Bioraffineries. Chimie analytique. Conversions catalytiques. Conversion du CO2. Éthanol cellulosique. Produits chimiques verts. Synthèses organiques industrielles.

Activités de recherche

  • Isolation des composantes de la biomasse résiduelle forestière et agricole (bioraffinerie)
  • Conversion thermochimique des hémicelluloses en biodiesel
  • Hydrolyse non-enzymatique de la cellulose
  • Conversion de la lignine en biocarburants et produits chimiques verts
  • Conversion catalytique du gaz de synthèse en éthanol et biocarburants de 2e et 3e génération
  • Développement de procédés analytiques pour l’analyse des procédés de production de biocarburants
  • Conversion du CO2 en produits chimiques à haute valeur ajoutée par conversion catalytique et biologique
  • Torréfaction et pyrolyse de la biomasse provenant de cultures énergétiques

Activités d'enseignement

  • GCH 111  Chimie organique pour l'industrie
  • GCH 112  Chimie inorganique
  • GCH 120  Techniques analytiques

Communications scientifiques récentes


Jérémie Damay, Xavier Duret, Thierry Ghislain, Olivier Lalonde, Jean-Michel Lavoie (2018). Steam explosion of sweet sorghum stems : Optimisation of the production of sugars by response surface methodology combined with the severity factor, Industrial Crops & Products (111) 482-493.


Gnouyaro Palla Assima, Antonin Paquet, Jean-Michel Lavoie (2017). Utilization of MSW-Derived Char for Catalytic Reforming of Tars and Light Hydrocarbons in the Primary Syngas produced during Wood Chips and MSW-RDF Air Gasification, Waste Biomass (Online November 2017).

Alizeb Hussain Syed, Micael Boulet, Tommaso Melchiori, Jean-Michel Lavoie (2017). CFD Simulations of an Air-Water Bubble Column: Effect of Luo Coalescence Parameter and Breakup Kernels, Frontiers 5 (68) 1-16.

M. Castaldi, J. Van Deventer, J.M. Lavoie, J. Legrand, A. Nzihou, Y. Pontikes, X. Py, C. Vandecasteele, P.T. Vasudevan, W. Verstraete (2017). Progress and Prospects in the Field of Biomass and Waste to Energy and Added-Value Materials, Waste Biomass (Online August 2017).

Iulian-Zoltan Boboescu, Malorie Gélinas, Jean-Baptiste Beigbeder, Jean-Michel Lavoie (2017). A two-step optimization strategy for 2nd generation ethanol production using softwood hemicellulosic hydrolysate as fermentation substrate, Bioresource Technology 244 (1) 708-716.

Leonardo Tricomi, Tommaso Melchiori, David Chiaramonti, Micaël Boulet, Jean-Michel Lavoie (2017). Sensitivity Analysis and Accuracy of a CFD-TFM Approach to Bubbling Bed Using Pressure Drop Fluctuations, Frontiers 5 (38) 1-15.

Emmanuel Eysseric, Thierry Ghislain, Xavier Duret, Olivier Lalonde, Pedro Alejandro Segura, Jean-Michel Lavoie (2017). Effect of steam treatments on the availability of various families of secondary metabolites extracted from green sweet sorghum, Industrial Crops and Products 104 (1) 120-128.

Chérif Brahima Khalil Diop, Jean-Michel Lavoie, Michel A. Huneault (2017). Separation and Reuse of Multilayer Food Packaging in Cellulose Reinforced Polyethylene Composites, Waste Biomasse 8 (1) 85-93.

Thibaud Sauvageon, Jean-Michel Lavoie, César Segovia, Nicolas Brosse (2017). Toward the cottonization of hemp fibers by steam explosion – Part I : defibration and morphological characterization, Textile Research Journal, 0 (00) 1-9.

Gnouyaro Palla Assima, Stefano Dell’Orco, Shahram Navaee-Ardeh, Jean-Michel Lavoie (2017). Catalytic conversion of residual fine char recovered by aqueous scrubbing of syngas from urban biomass gasification, Biomass and Bioenergy 100, 98-107.

Tommaso Melchiori, Micael Boulet, Jean-Michel Lavoie (2017). Modeling of ash deposition on the wall of a high temperature slagging gasifier, Fuel 197, 100-110.

Ariadna Fuente-Hernandez, Roland Lee, Nicolas Béland, Ingrid Zamboni, Jean-Michel Lavoie (2017). Reduction of Furfural to Furfuryl Alcohol in Liquid Phase over a Biochar-Supported Platinum Catalyst, Energies 10 (3), 286.


Jennifer Gil-Coba, Stéphane C. Marie-Rose, Jean-Michel Lavoie (2016). Effect of Water Content and Catalysts Acidity in the Products Distribution During Propylene Synthesis with a Mixture of DME and Methanol. Catalysis Letters , 146(12), 1-9.

Jean-Michel Lavoie. (2016). Implementing 2nd generation liquid biofuels in a fossil fuel-dominated market: Making the right choice. Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry 2, 45-47.

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Brevets d’invention

1. Lavoie, J.M. and Beland N. (2012) Conversion of CO2 to dimethyl carbonate using an homogeneous catalyst in a continuous plug flow reactor. Patent under process at the Université de Sherbrooke

2. Lavoie, J.M. and Nait Sidi Ahmed A. (2012) Conversion of xylose to furfural using an homogeneous catalyst under mechanical or hydrothermal cavitation. Patent under process at the Université de Sherbrooke

3. Lavoie, J.M., Nait Sidi Ahmed A. (2012) High efficiency extraction of secondary metabolites from biomass using an emulsion on green solvent and water. Patent under process at the Université de Sherbrooke

4. Lavoie, J.M., Berberi, V. (2012) Non-enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose and production of highly concentrated fermentable sugars out of lignocellulosic biomass. Patent under process at the Université de Sherbrooke

5.Lavoie, J.M., Roy, J., Lessard, J. (2012) Conversion of furfurylic alcohol to ethyl levulinate in a continuous fixed bed reactor. Patent under process at the Université de Sherbrooke

6. Lemieux Périnet, A., Lynch, D., Chornet E., Lavoie, J.-M. (2010) Production of acetates for acetic acid and alcohol. WO Patent WO/2012/021,965

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9. Stevanovic, T. Lavoie, J.M. (2005) Process for extraction of diterpenes and triterpenes from biomaterial. WO Patent 2,005,087,338

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