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  • Stefanie Czischek, University of Ottawa
    Introductory Lectures on Simulating Quantum Many-Body Systems with Language Models
  • Zoreh Davoudi, University of Maryland
    Quantum Algorithms for Simulating Nature's Fundamental Interactions
  • Sophia Economou, Virginia Tech
    Variational Quantum Algorithms
  • Andrew Green, University College London (UCL)
    Translating tensor network algorithms to quantum computers
  • Thomas Iadecola, Iowa State University
    Variational Principle for Quantum Simulation In and Out of Equilibrium
  • Zlatko Minev, IBM Quantum 
    Introduction to Noise in Quantum Computers and Quantums Simulation of Many-Body Systems on Quantum Computers
  • Nicolas Quesada, Polytechnique Montréal
    Classically simulating quantum continuous-variable systems
  • Pooya Ronagh, University of Waterloo
    Neural Quantum States and Their Applications
  • Micheline Soley, Winsconsin Quantum Institute and CQE
    Connection Between Tensor Netword Methods and Quantum Computin Algorithms
  • Christa Zoufal, IBM Zurich
    Variational Quantum Simulation