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Content and Format

More information to come, stay tuned.

General objective

The general objective of the course is to develop the necessary statistical knowledge to be able to build statistical models adapted to answer a precise problem.

Specific objective

  • Learn statistical theory to better build, apply and interpret various statistical models applied to the life sciences
  • Become familiar with primary research in statistical modeling for the life sciences
  • Gain experience working collaboratively on problems related to the development and application of statistical methods


The course days will be divided in two. In the morning (8am-12pm), theoretical notions will be transmitted through lectures interspersed with discussions with students. The afternoon (1-4pm) will be used to practice the notions learned via the R and Stan programming languages.

Students are strongly encouraged to bring their data in order to apply the concepts learned during the course to their study systems. As such, from Tuesday to Thursday, the last hour of the day (4-5pm) will be reserved for students to present their research projects via short oral presentations.