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In 1999, the creation of the World Anti-Doping Agency attempted to provide an institutional response to the problem of doping in sports competitions. Since then, the fight against doping has become considerably more structured and complex, going beyond the interstate framework and evolving towards new institutional and normative models.

A multidisciplinary and bilingual research strategy

At the time of the creation of the Chair, a consultation of the main scientific databases showed that there was a significant lack of social science research on anti-doping, or multidisciplinary research.

Despite the stakes involved, the number of scientific articles or books on the subject was not up to the level of what could be found on other issues.

The objective of the Chair is not only to increase the number of publications, thanks to the work of the Chairholder and the co-investigators, but also to stimulate the emergence of a new generation of researchers (master's, doctoral and post-doctoral students).

The Chair will also be a hub for researchers, both in Canada and abroad, who wish to be associated with its work. To this end, the members of the Chair will organize colloquia, conferences or participate in events abroad.

In order to maximize the dissemination of research results, the work will be conducted in French and English.

Results-oriented research

David Pavot, chairholder of the Research Chair on Anti-Doping in Sport, is recognized in the field for his dynamism, his solid theoretical background and his connection with professionals. The orientation of his work is results-oriented and intends to respond to an educational and social need. The research themes will be reviewed annually in conjunction with the Advisory Committee.

Research themes

At the October 17, 2019 Advisory Committee meeting, the Chair presented the following research foci to be deployed in the coming years:

  • Information sharing in anti-doping in sport

  • Governance of anti-doping in sport

  • Prevention of doping in sport

  • Anti-doping in sport and human rights

  • Doping and Image