Pharmacology Institute of Sherbrooke

Preclinical Phenotyping Platform

Services offered

The Preclinical Phenotyping Platform can provide researchers, biotechnology companies, and the pharmaceutical industry with the assistance needed in the design, execution, analysis, presentation, and interpretation of the data collected. Our team also has all the expertise required to develop new models to address precise scientific hypotheses.

Testing and Pricing

The following tests are offered. The rates charged for platform services are determined on a project basis.

Contact us if you need more information on the services and pricing.

Anxiety and depression

Elevated plus maze test
Open field test
Dark/light test
Marble burying test
Forced swim test
Social interaction test
Tail suspension test
Sucrose preference test

Memory and learning

Object recognition test
Morris water maze test
Barnes maze test
Passive avoidance test
Y maze test

Activity, motor system and coordination

Open field test
Rotating cylinder test
Treadmill test
Dynamic weight distribution test
Grip test
Negative geotaxis test
Infrared actimetrics test

Sensory system

Plantar test (Hargreaves)
Mechanical plantar stimulation test (Von Frey)
Tail flick test
Formalin test
Capsaicin test
Thermal preference test


Prepulse inhibition test

Pain: Allodynia and thermal hyperalgesia

Hot plate test
Cold plate test
Thermal preference test
Plantar test (Hargreaves)
Tail flick test
Acetone evaporation test

Pain: Allodynia and mechanical hyperalgesia

Manual (Von Frey) and electronic mechanical plantar stimulation test
Paw pressure test (Randall-Selitto)
Incapacitance or static weight bearing test
Pincher algometer


Vocalization test
Social interaction test
Nest construction test

Physiological parameters

Metabolic cages
Blood pressure measurement
Respiratory depression measurement