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Student empowerment

The Horizon IQ series of activities aims to empower the IQ student community by allowing them to organize an activity around a guest of their choice.

Usually accustomed to attending presentations made by people from the academic community, our student community can, through Horizon activities, expand the range of models and experiences. Horizon IQ Horizon activities focus on people from a variety of backgrounds (industry, entrepreneurship, student life support, gender and other diversity, politics, ethics, etc.) and thus offer more diverse life and career models to our student community.

When do these activities take place?

This series takes place once a month. To find out more about the days on which this seminar is held, please consult the calendar of events.

Do you have an idea for an event and want to make it happen?

Contact Karl Thibault, Program Manager – Science and Entrepreneurship, to discuss the possibility of your proposal!

Future activities

Here are the next guests and student initiatives in charge of the next Horizon IQ activities.

Summer 2020

Fall 2020

Past activities

Nicholas Farina - Being a Quantum Entrepreneur

Nicholas Farina is CEO and founder of EeroQ. During his visit to Sherbrooke on December 12, 2019, he shared with IQ members his experience as CEO and founder of a start-up. He also spoke about his role as an advisor to venture capital firms while addressing issues related to ethics in the field of quantum computing.

Watch the video - Being a Quantum Entrepreneur

Pierre-Luc Dallaire-Demers - The Changes That Quantum Technologies Will Bring About

On November 19, 2019, Dr. Pierre-Luc Dallaire-Demers, a researcher at Zapata Computing, lead a workshop on the changes that will be brought about by quantum technologies. He invited participants to discuss the energy demand of a quantum computer as opposed to a conventional supercomputer.

Watch the video - The Changes That Quantum Technologies Will Bring About

Prof. Alán Aspuru-Guzik: Imagine a High-tech Company

Prof. Alán Aspuru-Guzik is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toronto, he also founded Zapata Computing and Kebotix. During his visit to Sherbrooke on October 8, 2019, he agreed to lead an entrepreneurship workshop (Imagine a High-tech Company) as part of the Quantum Institute’s Horizon activities. Mr. Guy Lemieux of the ACET also contributed to the animation. The video presents some of the highlights of the activity that brought together members of the student community from the Department of Chemistry, the Faculty of Engineering and, of course, members of the IQ.

Watch the video - Imagine a High-tech Company

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