Centre de Recherche en Matériaux Quantique (CRMQ) seminars

This series of weekly seminars, held by student members of the CRMQ, covers topics related to quantum materials.

What is the CRMQ?

The Centre de recherche sur les matériaux quanttiques (CRMQ) is a group of dynamic physicists who work together to discover, understand and invent quantum materials (superconductors, quantum computing, nanotechnology, organic conductors, etc.), i.e. devices where quantum effects determine physical behaviour (electrical, magnetic, thermodynamics, etc.). Led by the professor. Louis Taillefer, the members of the CRMQ have laboratories and an infrastructure at the cutting edge of technology to achieve their objectives.

When is this seminar held?

For more information on the days of this seminar, please consult the calendar of events.


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