Séminaire IQuprates - Thierry Klein

Date : 4 octobre 2022 15:30

Type : Institut Quantique

Lieu :

Titre : High-sensitivity specificheat measurements for the study of the H-T phase diagram of superconductors


After a rapid presentation of our recent experimentaldevelopments on high sensitivity specific heat measurements under extremetemperature (down to 0.3K) and field (up to 26 T) conditions, I will presentsome of our results on the H-T phase diagram of different « exotic »superconductors. I will first focus on the interplay between superconductivityand charge density wave in underdoped YBaCuO and on the thermodynamicproperties of the normal state at of the onset of the pseudo-gap phase in differentcuprates. In the second part of my presentation I will then briefly discuss ourrecent results on FeSe, focusing on the low temperature - high field corner ofthe phase diagram which is still debated and on the oscillations of C/Tobserved under a rotating magnetic field. 

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