Colloque IQ : Dr Martin Fuechsle

Date : 3 novembre 2021 11:00

Type : Institut Quantique

Lieu :

Local: D3-2040 (seulement en présentiel)


Towards carbon-based qubit devices


Dr Martin Fuechsle

Archer Materials Limited (Sydney, Australia)

Honorary Associate, The University of Sydney(Sydney, Australia)

 Invité de Michel-Pioro Ladrière

Talk length:

20-25 min + question time



Archer Materials is an Australiansemiconductor technology company aiming to develop a carbon-based qubitmaterial capable of operating under practical conditions. The qubit is based ona novel nanomaterial in the form of spherical carbon ‘nano onions’ – highlydisordered graphitic structures metallic-like properties. Conduction electronsdelocalized over the volume of the spheres exhibit spin-lattice and spin-spinrelaxation times of 175 ns at 300 K, which is remarkably long for anyconducting solid-state material. The talk will give an overview of Archer’searly-stage progress towards developing the material into a viable qubitarchitecture and discuss potential avenues for collaboration with academicpartners towards this goal.


Speaker Bio:

Dr Martin Fuechsle leads Archer’s quantumtechnology development and is an Hon. Associate of the University of Sydney. Hejoined Archer in 2019, and his work focuses on developing a carbon-basedquantum processor as part of Archer’s 12CQ technology. He has10 years’ experience in building quantum computing devices and technology.During his post-doctoral research at the UNSW Centre for Quantum Computationand Communication Technology he developed the single-atom transistor. Hereceived his PhD in Experimental Physics at the University of New South Walesin 2011, where he worked in Prof. Michelle Simmons’ group on the fabrication ofdonor-based quantum logic devices in silicon.



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