Séminaires IQ/:  Ludvik Martinu,

Date : 28 November 2022 11:00

Type : Institut Quantique

Location : D9 Auditorium et Zoom

Des biscuits seront offerts dans la cuisinette de l’IQ dès 10h30, heure à partir de laquelle le café sera gratuit jusqu’à 11h00. Le séminaire débutera à 11h00. Venez en grand nombre!

Cookies will be available in the IQ kitchenette starting at 10:30, at which time coffee will be free until 11:00. Talk starts at 11:00. A nice occasion to discuss.

 Ludvik Martinu, 

Functional Coating and Surface Engineering Laboratory (FCSEL)
Department of Engineering Physics, Polytechnique Montréal

Titre Ingénierie de surface pour un avenir durable : revêtements multifonctionnels pour les applications optiques, énergétiques et aérospatiales

Functional and multifunctional coating applications represent a multibillion dollar market worldwide; As the range of applications of coatings continuously broadens and extremely attractive market opportunities arise, it is becoming increasingly important to develop new nanostructured thin film materials with specific functional properties.
This presentation will describe a holistic approach to coatings and surface engineering solutions based on a broad and in-depth knowledge of the interplay between the design, material, process and performance assessment with respect to specific applications and coating system durability in demanding environments.
It will review the progress and future opportunities for the use of nanostructurally-controlled architectures benefiting from the advanced deposition techniques including High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS), Ion Beam Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (IBA-CVD), combined Glancing Angle/Atomic Layer Deposition, and Pulsed Hollow Cathode PECVD. We will describe examples of case studies and applications such as advanced glazing for energy management and saving in smart windows and nanosatellites, hybrid (organic/inorganic) coatings for ophthalmic lenses, as well as protective coatings with premediated stress depth profiles for aircraft engines.
ID de réunion : 886 4716 7648
Code secret : 1368

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