Séminaire de l'IQ - Wasi Uddin

Date : 20 January 2021 8:30

Type : Institut Quantique

Location :

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Wasi Uddin
IIT Delhi

Invité de : Eva Dupont-Ferrier

From Bits to Qubits Using Solid State Devices

The Solid State Devices used in today’s computers are governed by the classical laws of physics, where the high resistive state (“ZERO”) and a low resistive state (“ONE”) are the only states available to perform logic operations base on the Boolean algebra. Contrarily, quantum mechanics lets a different way of performing a logic operation, which was not possible with classical logic. In this seminar, I will talk about a brief evolution of computing elements. Then I will lead towards the various approaches to perform quantum mechanical logic operations, such as (1) spin orientation of single electrons or nuclei (spin qubit), (2) the location of a single electron charge (charge qubit), (3) quasiparticle and (4) Cooper pair (superconducting qubit). These are some essential building-blocks for quantum computing using solid-state devices. Further, I will discuss my research on dopant induced quantum effects in fully CMOS compatible silicon-based devices. Dopant transistors follow quantum mechanics laws enabling the coulomb effect to allow single- electron tunneling from source to drain lead. Single-electron tunneling can also be mediated by multiple dopants in the channel region, facilitating observation of dopant-dopant interactions. This interaction is a prerequisite for the charge-based quantum computing and single-electron turnstile. Thus, a comprehensive understanding of dopant-dopant interaction and single-electron tunneling is desired.

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