6 August 2021 Tom Mallah

IBM Quantum Hub at Institut quantique kickstarts its first quantum machine learning project through a collaboration with Statistics Canada

The IBM Quantum Hub at IQ is exploring quantum computing’s potential to optimize machine learning and text classification computations. The six-month project marks the first research collaboration between Statistics Canada and Institut quantique.

We are very excited to be working with Statistics Canada’s Data Science Division to better understand how quantum computing might improve their capacity to tackle certain computations. It also shows our IBM Quantum Hub is a great platform to run project-based collaborations for Canadian government agencies and explore emerging quantum fields” says Prof. Stefanos Kourtis, Director of the quantum computing platform at Institut quantique.

Governments and major companies are investing to assess how quantum computing in certain fields will impact them in the near future. This project is an opportunity for the Université de Sherbrooke’s Institut quantique to start positioning itself as a national leader in quantum machine learning by identifying opportunities early in the development of quantum computing.

Launched in June 2020, the IBM Quantum Hub at IQ offers its members exclusive cloud-based access to IBM’s most advanced quantum computing systems as well as a community of experts to support quantum research projects.


Statistics Canada is the national statistical office. The agency ensures Canadians have the key information on Canada’s economy, society and environment that they require to function effectively as citizens and decision makers.


IBM Quantum is an industry-first initiative to build commercial universal quantum systems for business and science applications. IBM Q Network™ is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.


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