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Student Evaluation

In the last week of the work term, please fill out the final evaluation of your co-op student by logging in to the Path of Individual Development (PDI). You may take the time you need to finish this task since you can save the information already entered and continue at a later time without losing any data.

Once this step is completed, we recommend that you meet with your student to explain your assessment.

Also, please read the final work term report prepared by your co-op student before their departure.

To proceed:

  1. Fill out the PDI form (click on “Complete the trainee’s final assessment”);
  2. Meet with the student to explain and share your comments in person;
  3. Read the work term report prepared by the student;
  4. If you wish to keep a copy of the evaluation, please save or print it at the latest two week after the end of the work term, after which date you will no longer have access to the PDI.