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Path of Individual Development (PDI)

We are proud to present our Path of Individual Development (PDI) tool, an online software application largely inspired by current practices in business and management fields. With the PDI, supervising your co-op student will be easier than ever!

Right away you will know your trainee's goals, the skills they possess and the ones they hope to develop during their work term. You will then have all the necessary information to better know this new member of your team, to inform them about your expectations and to help them self-evaluate their professional actions within your organization.

More than that, your Professional Development Advisor, your trainee and yourself may follow each step of the intership, exchange comments and measure results. The PDI is also the application you will use to enter the evaluation of your trainee. What a great way to identify genuine talent and to contribute to the development of future graduates!

How to access the PDI tool

In the fifth week of the work term, your trainee will have completed their section of the PDI. You will then receive an e-mail inviting you, as supervisor, to familiarize yourself with the contents of your trainee's PDI. Just click on the indicated link and follow the instructions. Afterwards, your trainee's PDI will always be accessible to you with your e-mail address and a password of your choice.

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It is very important to complete your share of the PDI. This exercise takes little time and your feedback has a real impact on your intern’s professional development.