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Supervise a trainee

Co-op education offers students a valuable opportunity to enhance their academic experience: it helps them to build a solid professional foundation to serve as a launch pad for their future success in the job market. You have the opportunity to share your know-how to shape tomorrow’s workforce!

The employer must :

  • provide adequate supervision to the trainee;
  • propose mandates relevant to its formation;
  • respond to the trainee’s questions and provide assistance as required;
  • make yourself available for follow-up with a professional development advisor;
  • participate in the assessment of the trainee.

Student Evaluation

Throughout their company experience, the trainee will use an online assessment tool, based on those used by managers of large companies: the Path of Individual Development (PDI). The employer can follow the progress of their trainee with this tool, leave them some constructive comments and evaluate them at the end of their internship. Finally, the employer must read and sign the internship report prepared by the student.