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The Added Value of a Trainee

By hiring a co-op student you contribute to the training of the next crop of professionals, while building your company’s visibility among our university clients.

Discover what our trainees can do for you according to their field of study!

Students usually complete two academic study sessions before their first work term. Therefore, when they join your company, they have the knowledge to carry out the assignments you give them.

Armed with the latest developments in theory and quality academic training, our students are geared to generate ideas that can help to:

  • Carry out various assignments you give them
  • Free up your specialized personnel from less important tasks
  • Carry out a specific project, a study or a research
  • Fill a temporary vacancy
  • Take on a work overload
  • Infuse your team with new energy and ideas
Hire international students

Qualified, loyal and motivated, international students can be great assets for employers looking for staff. Each year, more than 2,500 international students come to study at the Université de Sherbrooke. Many of them are interested in co-op internships and want to pursue careers in Quebec after graduation.

Our international trainees are greatly supported by our team to facilitate their integration into Quebec job market and can take advantage of the Preparation and Integration training course, which is unique in Quebec universities.