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There are three main hiring periods (January, May and September), but you can contact us at any time to post a work term offer and hire a co-op student.

Hire a Co-op Student

1.  Your Obligations as an Employer

Our co-operative education program has been designed to prepare students for their future career by providing them with relevant practical experience in an actual work environment. When you hire students, you agree to become their mentor, allowing them to acquire relevant knowledge and skills as well as helping discover their future profession.

Your Obligations :

  • Prepare for the student’s arrival and plan the co-op job
  • Offer a co-op job related to the field of study
  • Pay a salary for the work performed
  • Assess the student’s skills and approve their work term report
  • Contribute to the student’s development, including the Path of Individual Development (PDI)

2.  Co-op Job Posting

Go to our online recruitment platform to submit your co-op job posting. Before you send us your first co-op job offer, please make sure you have created your employer's account. You can contact us at any time, if needed.

The form allows you to present your co-op job and to introduce your organization, as well as to list the qualities and skills you look for in the person you wish to hire.

Your co-op job, along with the others, will be then submitted to the students to whom it applies. Postings are scheduled every weekend, all throughout the term. Students evaluate all offers and apply to the ones that caught their attention.

It is now up to you to choose the candidates you want to meet for an interview.

3.  Interviews and Candidates

After the posting, you can consult the files of the students who have applied for a work term at your organization (resumes, cover letter and transcripts). Next, you have to select candidate(s) that you wish to interview. We will notify them of your interest.

Our facilities can accommodate students and employers (waiting and interview rooms, rest lounges). We also offer rooms for general information sessions prior to individual interviews.

You may conduct interviews by Teams or Zoom (recommended) or by phone or in person.

4.  Selecting Your Co-op Student (Rating)

Once the interviews are completed, you are to rate the candidates in order of preference. For example, if you interview five students, you assign Rating 1 to the best candidate (your top pick out of the five students) and Rating 5 to your last choice (or Rating 0, if the student does not meet your requirements).

Please register your candidates evaluation online on the Trivio platform. You can also write your candidates evaluation on interwiew schedule, scan and send it by email.