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Hire a Co-op Student

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Important! Commitment of the Organization

By submitting a work term offer (co-op job), your organization commits to:

  • Offer a work term related to the field of study of your co-op student;
  • Offer a full-time work term (usually 35 hours per week);
  • Offer a work term that respects the length criteria (usually 15 weeks, minimum of 12 weeks);
  • Offer a work term that is paid AND supervised;

Work Term Posting

The organization should also :

  • Offer a work term that matches the content of the work term offer; your offer will be used as a work term agreement;
  • Agree that your offer will also be posted to students from programs that share similarities with those selected;
  • Ensure a healthy recruitment process, free of discrimination and harassment;
  • Promote a healthy and professional working environment, free of discrimination, harassment, and all forms of sexual violence, and take reasonable steps to prevent such behavior and act promptly to address and stop it.
  • Comply with the Act respecting labour standards.
  • Take the necessary measures to protect the health and ensure the safety and integrity, both physical and mental, of your co-op student and provide the Université with information on this subject when required.

Useful informations

Student AvailabilityStudent Availlability
Study-Work SequenceStudy-Work Sequence
Salary DataSee the Salary Data

Changes to an existing offer or personal file

Ask us to modify for you the content of your personal file or a work term posting currently posted on our employment module by email or by telephone at 819-821-7747.

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