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Hire a Co-op Student

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Commitment of the Organization

  • Offer a work term related to the field of study of your co-op student
  • Offer a full-time work term (usually 35 hours per week);
  • Offer a work term that respects the length criteria (usually 15 weeks, minimum of 12 weeks);
  • Offer a work term that is paid AND supervised;

Work Term Posting

The organization should also

  • Ensure a healthy recruitment process , free of discrimination and harassment;
  • Promote a healthy and professional working environment, free of discrimination, harassment, and all forms of sexual violence;
  • Take reasonable steps to prevent such behavior and act promptly to address and stop it.

Useful informations

Student AvailabilityStudent Availlability
Study-Work SequenceStudy-Work Sequence
Salary DataSee the Salary Data

Changes to an existing offer or personal file

Ask us to modify for you the content of your personal file or a work term posting currently posted on our employment module by email or by telephone at 819-821-7747.

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