International students

My internship started during the winter term and continues during the summer term. Can this be of problem?

International interns already present since March 2020 can stay and complete their internship if 1) their legal papers allow them to say during this period without making any changes and 2) their internship can be done by teleworking. With these conditions, interns will be registered for the summer term and will be able to complete their internship as agreed in their internship agreement.

What happens if I choose to return home?

Several options will have to be evaluated; most home institutions have issued repatriation policies that will not disadvantage students. It is possible that the internship can be completed from your home. Cases will be evaluated individually to find the best solution for each one.

Will new international interns be admitted to the 2020 fall term?

All international students, research interns as well as postdoctoral interns will be welcomed in September. However, exchange students or short-stay students will not be welcomed for the fall 2020 term. For those who find difficulties to obtain their legal documents or travel in time for the start of the trimester, alternatives may be available as required.

I am experiencing an immigration problem. Who can I consult?

Please consult the USherbrooke stakeholders at stage.intl@USherbrooke.ca or at etudiants.internationaux@USherbrooke.ca

What happens with the tuition waiver program for international students?

For summer 2020, the procedure was done virtually. It will be the same process for next term.