Scale-up Centre

What works well on a small scale in a laboratory is not an indicator for success at the industrial level. This is why the UdeS established a Scale-up Centre that makes it possible for several research groups to carry out their work at a level more in tune with the industrial reality. As an essential component of our innovation chain, the Centre facilitates the establishment of a more tangible connection to industrial partners and considerably accelerates the transfer of innovative ideas to the industry.

The Scale-up Centre is located in the Parc Innovation, with its immediate neighbours being the Interdisciplinary Institute for Technological Innovation (3IT) and the Centre des technologies avancées (CTA) BRP-UdeS. A third of its 2 800-m2 surface area is used to accommodate the work of the Industrial Research Chair on Cellulosic Ethanol and Biocommodities. The remaining spaces are dedicated to preparing essential full-size samples for activities of the Centre de recherche sur les infrastructures en béton (CRIB) and the Centre de recherche en génie parasismique et en dynamique des structures (CRGP) in civil engineering. It also accommodates the scaling of thermocatalytic (KWI) and pharmaceutical (Pfizer) processes.

The Scale-up Centre has greatly contributed to the UdeS’s sought-after positioning on a national level in engineering and the creation of numerous sustainable partnerships within the industry.