Dynamic Science Culture

The UdeS is primarily an innovation environment, a cradle for numerous scientific advances. For these ideas to materialize, the institution has a duty: Opening new doors and creating conditions conducive to breakthroughs.

By fostering the meeting of disciplines, the Grandes conférences de l’UdeS were implemented over recent years as a means to regularly encourage discussion and debate concerning society’s major issues and challenges.

Each year, students have free access to a series of meetings gathering influential individuals from diverse backgrounds in research and UdeS professors. They attend and participate in discussions and debates on the unifying themes in research at the UdeS, while also having the opportunity to network with other researchers.

For the UdeS, this kind of initiative is important as it takes action to truly contribute to preventing isolation, a situation often experienced by research students. By formalizing relevant meeting opportunities for all researchers, regardless of their field of expertise, we believe that our campus will remain an inclusive space for innovation and interdisciplinarity.