History of Publishing and the Sociology of Literature

The history of literature and publishing is a key research area with the UdeS being the leader in this field. Many researchers devote their activities to analyzing, observing, and understanding culture through what has been published over time. Literature entertains, informs, and transforms us. Through books, we learn a lot about who we are as people.

Research in the history of publishing and the sociology of literature specifically leads us to places for discussion between researchers and students, and to establishing glossaries, anthologies, and review papers. They can provide a base of essential knowledge that will make a considerable impact on the work of these professors, researchers, students, literary professionals, and all those in Canada and abroad who question the past, present, and future of literary knowledge.

The UdeS has also received funding from the SSHRC to create the Canada Research Chair in the History of Publishing and the Sociology of Literature.

Principal Investigator: Anthony Glinoer (in French)