Unifying Themes

Togetherness: Culture, Plurality, Governance and Equity

OBJECTIVE :  Ensure equity in public services and in living and working environments.

The UdeS is a people-centred, welcoming, and inclusive university. Equity, diversity, and inclusion are part of our core values. So naturally over time we have built research teams composed of individuals with unique experience.

Grouping these individuals from various backgrounds establishes a powerful cross-cutting view of the most complex challenges of our time. Additionally, their rich, varied experience is contributing to achieving the highest standards of excellence.

In doing so, we are also making an institutional commitment. Togetherness and goodwill are involved in a large number of research efforts aiming to help populations better welcome the affirmation of different identities, value sociocultural diversity, and ensure equity in living and work environments, as well as within public services.

Are you interested in research on culture, plurality, governance and equity?

To better understand the work conducted by the members of this theme, refer to the White Paper on Togetherness (Livre blanc du Vivre ensemble). It presents their research specialties, ongoing projects, and discussions on challenges and issues of today.

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Contact a member of the group of researchers fostering the development of research on this them. 

Stéphane Bernatchez (in French)

819 821-8000 ext. 65284

Sylvain Bourdon (in French)

819 821-8000 ext. 61976

Isabelle Lacroix (in French)

819 821-8000 ext. 65251

Lyne Latulippe (in French)

819 821-8000 ext. 63338

Sabrina Moisan (in French)

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Wim Remysen

819 821-8000 ext. 65520

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