Institutional Chairs

Institutional chairs are structured research units within an institution. They work in one of the UdeS’s clusters of excellence and their activities generate benefits for society. Professors benefit from significant recognition on becoming a chairholder. It means they have demonstrated that they are masters of their field of study, through their publications or other means, and have recognized research abilities. Institutional-type chairs are led by a single person, who is accountable for the research unit and its credibility. Chair activities are supported financially by a specific fund that covers the amounts required for paying the chairholder, conducting research activities, and training the next generation of scientists.

School of Management

Frank Coggins
Desjardins Chair in Responsible Finance (in French)

Michel Dion
CIBC Chair in Financial Integrity (in French)

Luc Godbout
Research Chair in Taxation and Public Finance (in French)

David Pavot
Research Chair on Anti-Doping in Sport (in French)

Faculty of Education

Sylvain Bourdon
Chaire-réseau de recherche sur la jeunesse du Québec (in French)

Anne Lessard
Research Chair of the Commission scolaire de la Région-de-Sherbrooke on student engagement, integration and success (in French)

Enrique Correa Molina
Chair of Studies and Research on Contemporary Quebec (in French)

Faculty of Law

David Koussens
Research Chair in Law, Religion and Secularism(in French)

Faculty of Engineering

Nicolas Abatzoglou
Pfizer Chair in Process and Analytical Technologies in Pharmaceutical Engineering(in French)

Jean-Michel Lavoie
Industrial Research Chair in Cellulosic Ethanol and Biocommodities

Stéphane Moreau
Industrial Chair in Aeroacoustics (in French)

Patrick Paultre
Research Chair in Structural Dynamics (in French)

Arezki Tagnit-Hamou
SAQ Chair in Glass Valorization in Materials (in French)

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Florian Bentzinger
CRMUS Chair in Skeletal Muscle Regenerative Medicine(in French)

Benoit Chabot
Pierre C. Fournier Chair(in French)

Marie-José Durand
J. Armand Bombardier Foundation and Pratt & Whitney Canada Research Chair in Work Rehabilitation (in French)

Martin Fortin
Chronic Disease Research Chair in Primary Care (in French)

Brigitte Guérin
Jeanne and J.-Louis Lévesque Chair of Radiobiology(in French)

Steve Jean
CRMUS Chair in Vesicular Transport and Autophagy in Intestinal Diseases (in French)

François Lamontagne
Chair in Patient-Centered Research and Acute Hospital Care (in French)

Pierre Larivée
Chair in Respiratory Health of the Quebec Lung Association (in French)

Jean-Luc Parent
André-Lussier Chair of Rheumatology (in French)

Jean-Pierre Perreault
Université de Sherbrooke Research Chair in RNA Structure and Genomics(in French)

Mélanie Plourde
CRMUS Chair in Lipid Metabolism in Aging (in French)

Élise Roy
Chair of Addiction (in French)

Christina St-Onge
Research Chair in Medical Pedagogy Paul Grand'Maison of the Société des médecins de l'Université de Sherbrooke(in French)

Lee-Hwa Tai
CRMUS Chair of translational research in immuotherapy

Michel Tousignant
Chair of Telerehabilitation (in French)

Dominique Tremblay
Research Chair in Improving the Effectiveness of Cancer Care(in French)

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Marie Beaulieu
Research Chair on Elder Abuse (in French)

David Morin
UNESCO Chair in Prevention of Violent Radicalization and Extremism (in French)

Faculty of Science

Kamal Bouarab
CannaSher Chair on Medical Cannabis (in French)

Maxime Descoteaux
Research Chair in Neuroinformatics(in French)

André-Marie Tremblay
Research Chair in Quantum Materials Theory (in French)

Faculty of Physical Activity Sciences

Sylvain Turcotte
Kino-Québec Research Chair on the Adoption of a Physically Active Lifestyle in the School Environment (in French)